CROWDLOC Technology embedded in GPS Navigation App Geovelo

CROWDLOC announces a partnership with Geovelo, a leading GPS navigation app for cyclists. Users of the Android Geovelo app can enable CROWDLOC on their app and help find lost and stolen bicycles.

Benoit Grunberg and Gaël Sauvanet co-founded the French start-up in 2010 in Tours. The Geovelo app is free and guides cyclists from A to B via the best roads based on speed/safety/cycling lanes and more. Geovelo works closely with municipalities to provide the most accurate cycling maps.

Geovelo was recently awarded the Gold Prize at the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

Geovelo users who activate CROWDLOC in the Android app (see video below) will contribute to the community, helping to locate along their trips lost and stolen bikes that have a tracking device powered by CROWDLOC.

Among these devices is the Paravol Traceur, a small bike tracker sold in France by Paravol.

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